Jaegar Ultra-long range cooled thermal camera

The Jaegar PT platform has a built in through shaft that allows radars or other payload to be mounted on top and remain stationary as the PT surveys the scene.

Jaegar Ultra-long range cooled thermal camera

The Jaegar Ultra LRC Cooled thermal camera is available as a ready-to go-system, perfect for ultra-long range surveillance applications. Mounted on the harmonic drive Jaegar PT platform, the cameras are able to identify and track targets with pin point accuracy.

Jaegar Ultra LRC (MWIR) Cooled Thermal Camera Technology

The platform uses a HD cooled thermal camera (MWIR) with powerful 960mm zoom lens combined with a HD 5MP lowlight video camera and 1000mm zoom lens, which provides excellent ultra-long range surveillance and target identification.

Additional thermal features include turbulence mitigation, image stabilisation and image contrast enhancement, combined with industry-leading cooling engine life.

Key Jaegar Ultra LRC features:

  • HD cooled thermal (MWIR) 80 - 960mm thermal zoom lens
  • HD 5MP low light video camera 1000mm zoom lens (Optical)
  • 50,000 hours cooling engine life Turbulence Mitigation
  • Image Stabilisation
  • Virtually zero backlash harmonic drive
  • 80 degrees per second pan and tilt speed
  • Better than 1mrad accuracy/repeatability
  • Proportionate speed control
  • Optical encoders
  • Fully cable managed solution with Silent Sentinel's Quick Release mechanism
  • IP67 environmental protection
  • IP (ONVIF) or analogue

The Silent Sentinel Range

Silent Sentinel offers an extensive range of camera and lens configurations to meet your exact surveillance requirements.

For full data specifications, download the Jaegar Ultra LRC (MWIR) Cooled Thermal Camera Technology datasheet.